Carpet damages come from any number of sources and measure in all sizes and shapes. From small solutions and serious repairs, J&M Carpet Renewal offers you professional carpet repair services. Our repairs fix the problem quickly and completely and strengthen the overall foundation and condition of your carpets. Damages to your carpets come from any number of sources. Heavy, rolling traffic on a regular basis wears down the adhesion of the glue or staples between the carpet and the flooring which leads to buckling. Excess dirt and stains weaken the carpet foundation and leads to hears, holes and various types of discoloration. We help you solve these damages with our well-trained and experienced technicians, high quality tools and premium materials, and years of industry experience and knowledge. We deliver repairs that last and solve your issues completely.

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Thank you for choosing J&M Carpet Renewal to service your home or business. We believe that home and business owners in the Puget Sound area deserve the best when it comes to residential or commercial carpet cleaning.

Since we began we had one goal in mind: To offer complete satisfaction to each client with our carpet cleaning Seattle services. Our business is based on the principles of quality work, honest pricing, and unprecedented customer service. We believe a cleaner life is a better life! This is why we have helped countless people throughout the Seattle area with a variety of cleaning services. If you need something cleaned or restored, we will quickly and efficiently take care of it. From carpets to tiles, we are experts in this industry.

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Carpet repair can save you both money and time. Instead of replacing your entire carpet, which can be expensive and time-consuming, carpet repair allows you to fix specific areas that are damaged, stained, or worn. This can extend the life of your carpet and save you the cost and hassle of a full replacement. Additionally, by fixing small issues before they become bigger problems, you can prevent further damage to your carpet and avoid the need for more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Carpet repair is a cost-effective and convenient solution for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your carpet.

In addition to the benefits of carpet repair mentioned above, it is also important to consider a company with the equipment and team that can do this in a timely manner with the proper equipment. when deciding to repair your carpet. If you live in the Seattle or Tacoma, Washington area, choosing J&M carpet renewal who specializes in carpet repair and can provide you with high-quality services only makes sense.. By choosing J&M Carpet Renewal, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible service and support for your carpet. In Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, carpet repair can save you money, time, and hassle while keeping your carpet looking beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is J&M Carpet Renewal licensed and certified?

Yes! J&M Carpet Renewal is licensed, bonded & insured, and we are certified by the IICRC to do carpet cleaning and carpet restoration.

Do you work on commercial projects?

Our team at J&M Carpet Renewal has years of experience working with commercial properties. We work with a wide range of businesses to restore their carpets and make their business feel brand new again.

Do you work on tile/hardwood floors?

Yes! J&M Carpet Renewal provides cleaning services for tile, hardwood, grout and other types of floorings. We work with both residential and commercial properties!